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We are expecting some extremely cold weather in the next few days with wind chills 10 – 20 below zero.  During such cold weather, it is important for everyone to be aware of pipe freezes.  If you suspect you have a frozen pipe in your apartment, contact us immediately.  If you experience trickling water or no water on either side of your faucet(s), this could be the beginning of a freeze.  DO NOT WAIT FOR IT TO DEFROST-CALL US IMMEDIATELY.  If the pipe is broken, you will have water everywhere when it defrosts.  Quick action can avoid costly damage later.  It is possible to have a frozen pipe even if you are in the apartment and the heat is on. Please recognize the signs and call us immediately.

In an effort to avoid pipe freezes, please keep your heat at a proper level while you are away from the apartment; especially if you are on vacation or otherwise away for several days.  DO NOT TURN THE HEAT OFF.  The cost of keeping the heat at a level of 55-60 degrees is not very much and could avoid a disaster when you return. If you are planning to be away from the apartment for several days, please let us know so we can keep an eye on the apartment to be sure there is no loss of heat which could cause a freeze.  You may also want to inform a friend or relative so they can check the apartment as well.